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Customer care and satisfaction

Last week we were approached by an opticians.

We went ahead, usual approach to a potential client.

  1. Take details

  2. Establish what's the requirements are - type of business .

  3. Convenient times to perform the clean

  4. Arrange a meeting to survey and understand the businesses needs to ensure we can achieve the best results !

We starting to go through all of the above - and then the client said - will you want payment upfront ? I was shocked she'd even ask that ! I explained never could we charge you for a service until

Completion and sign off. A deposit may be requested depending on a company's policy but not the whole amount that's just ludicrous!

She went on to explain she had already paid a substantial amount of money to a company, who then came in and spent an hour onsite - left and now she cannot contact them ! No response - complete silence!

I need to add the clean was an eight hour clean - that is what we quoted for. It took our cleaners slightly over - the place didn't look like it had been touched at all!

It made us feel awful that companies out there in our sector are doing this ! It gives such a bad reputation within the industry- and affects companies like ours !

I'm happy to say we have restored faith in our client and have gained an on going contract servicing the site weekly !


Fantastic result on the hard floors ! Happy customer 😊

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